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Hommos Hummus packs - Bowl and Box
Healthy and Nutritious

High in Protein

Knowing that protein is one of the most important nutrients required daily, our hummus is rich in natural plant-based protein from the chickpeas and tahini. One pack contains 24g of protein, equivalent to the amount in 80g of chicken or 100g of beef steak.
Natural Ingredients

100% Natural

A clean label product where you can see the simple hearty ingredients. Made of ground chickpea with natural condiments alongside a tahini sachet; we use no preservatives and no added oil for the healthiest and most authentic tasting hummus.

Requires No Refrigeration

Easy to Prepare

Embrace convenience! Hommos Hummus lets you whip up fresh, nutritious hummus in just 1 minute with only water and a stir. You can store it anywhere, take it everywhere, and create creamy magic anytime.

Eco Friendly Hommos

Long Shelf Life

Hommos Hummus boasts a remarkable 15-month shelf life, eliminating the need for refrigeration. This translates to unrivaled mobility, simplified storage, and effortless handling for both distributors and consumers. Enjoy the creamy goodness anytime, anywhere!


Make your hummus in two easy steps!



Forget long, messy prep! Hommos Hummus lets you whip up fresh, restaurant-quality hummus in 1 minute! Hommos Hummus was born out of a desire to provide everyone with the best possible hummus experience. We saw the challenge mothers go through every time they wanted to make hummus. The process is long and the outcome is inconsistent. We wanted to create a product that would make it easy for anyone to make delicious, fresh hummus at home.

“Make Your Hummus” is a one-of-a-kind “preparation bundle” that allows you to make fresh nutritional hummus in less than 1 minute. The pack requires no refrigeration and includes ground sun-dried chickpeas and tahini paste. All you need to do is add water and stir! Make Your Hummus is 100% natural and preservatives free. The hummus you will make doesn’t contain any added oils and is packed in natural plant-based protein. It is vegan and gluten-free, making it a healthy and delicious option for people with dietary requirements.

Hommos Hummus is the perfect solution for busy moms, health-conscious eaters, and anyone who loves hummus but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time making it. It’s easy to use, delicious, and nutritious. So next time you’re looking for a quick and easy snack or meal, reach for Hommos Hummus. You won’t be disappointed.


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